Monday, March 2, 2009

....never a dull moment

This used to be my mantra but I've changed and try to take each day one moment at a time. Today was wonderful, gorgeous weather....had a dental cavities! Stopped by my local yarn shop...which just happens to be in the same plaza as the dentist....and I bumped into two friends. What a happy coincidence. We were able to visit, which is a rare occasion for me.
I also do finishing for knitted my spare time. I was there to pick up a couple of jobs and she sweetly took me up on an offer to sell some of my cards in her shop. So it's been a great day.
On a different note... This morning in a forum someone was asking about where all her followers disappeared to and I just found out! When Blogger started this new follow/friend option...they switched everyone you follow to anonymously. For those of you who've not seen this...go to manage who you follow. Get a cuppa something because you have to do each one individually.
Anyway, just thought I'd pass that little piece of info on to those who follow me and might read this post. I didn't drop you, honest!


  1. out visiting early this morn...
    glad I found you ...
    the tassel class looks like you had a great time .. and I love the dragon pic... can't wait to share with daughter jessi .. she loves anything dragon..
    hope u see some sunshine today
    mona & the girls

  2. i am SO glad there are bloggers like YOU to keep up with bloggers like ME! LOL

    thanks again for all your help.. i was SO freaking out!


  3. Yarn Shop?? Where?? The only one I have found is Hill Country Weavers on the other side of the planet. I knit also.

  4. Hi Judy....check out great little shop on Parkcrest.

  5. Lots of sunshine...but I had my nose to a computer for the most part...they are trying to teach an old dog new tricks....upgrades....learning curves are harder the older I get. And...I'm not that old!

  6. I need to go try to add my followers back. Thank you for sharing this with everyone


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