Monday, April 6, 2009

...filling my time

There is always something I want to do...always...I never seem to have a moment where there just isn't anything on my mind. I tried yesterday, spent a lovely day at a spa with my daughter. It was fabulous but I heard her remind me a few times..."mom...we have no where we have to be today"...dadumdum. She was so right and we had a great time...just doing nothing. I even laid still long enough to get some sun....just a little crisp today, ouch. That's what I get for not being outside more often.
Today, I delivered some tassels I'd made for my accountant. Long overdue but have to brag...she had asked for red and green...all I could see was Christmas which meant not having them out year round. So I did them up a little different and then worried they wouldn't work in her new home. Well....after I handed them over, expressed my concern about them...she says, come look at my living room. I could not have made them match better if I'd known in advance. I was more surprised than she! Wish I'd had my camera but my battery was charging!
(click on image to see detail)


  1. i always have things i want to do to, my mind is always crammed full & i never seem to have enough time, but i love it. it is good to take time out though, somewhere that there are no distractions. sounds like you had a fab time. i love those tassels!

  2. thanks your new pieces too!


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