Saturday, May 16, 2009


Another week has just flown by me! I was so tired this a.m. that when the alarm went off....I dreamed it was Sunday and couldn't imagine why I had set my alarm. Thank goodness for small dogs with overwhelming desires to be let outside each a.m.!
Pictured above is one of my hand painted needlepoint canvas designs. If you're a stitcher, you'll understand when I say it comes with a stitch guide, so you too can have the above as shown. Contact me with any questions akimberlydesign


  1. It's beautiful, I love the color scheme!

  2. This is really beautiful - and interesting! It looks like a combination of needlepoint stitches and surface embroidery stitches, with ribbon, too? Am I right? It's really pretty!

  3. Hi Kathleen, you're so sweet to stop by and leave a comment so often, really appreciate your visits. I think you are an amazing artist.

    Hi Mary, Thank you also! Yes, many stitches, many different types of thread. I painted this canvas several years ago and have taught the piece locally. In the past, I self published only charted needlework designs but am slowly going to painted. Although, free form embroidery on plain ole unpainted canvas with a pile of fabulous fibers is more of a thrill for me as an artist.

  4. Absolutely Beautiful!! Found you through Crystal from Kizz!
    ~Michele from By Your Side

  5. This is GORGEOUS! As I keep telling you, you're extraordinary with your talent.


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