Friday, December 11, 2009

....this week

What a rough Mac decided it no longer wants to turn on.  I push the button, the light faintly glows under my finger and goes out...then it won't even glow if pushed again.  I may haul it down to some HappyMac people I was told about to see if they can breath life back into it once more. 
Presently, I have had to convert to my sons PC.  I'm thrilled to have an option but really miss my Mac.  It's sort of like waking up in a different house, nothing is where you left it. 
A funny thing that happened this week...I was changing the water jug at work...muscling those jugs is a comedy act for started to get away from me so I quickly dumped it on the despenser.  Whew, put my hands up in the air to declare victory and heard a rings!  How?  It's still a mystery but there they were inside the despenser.  Needless to say, I've drank a lot of water this week and today was able to remove the jug and rescue my rings.  And no, I did not put a new jug on...rings off next time. 


  1. Sorry to hear about your Mac dying. Not fun at all. Ugh.

    And what a way to lose your rings. But, got them back! :)

  2. Oh Sophia, hope I made you laugh.

  3. Kimberly, glad you recovered your rings. I don't know that I would have been that patient! Fun to see you in the shop this week. Happy Holidays....Sarah


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