Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Step one....

pick up that happy combination of threads and DO something with it Kimberly!  The shop where I work received 'new' colors from Wiltex Threads, Inc in the Vineyard Classic and Merino lines.  They spoke loudly enough that I fell victim to taking them home to play with.  Below is what happened over the next two evenings.  I call it Texture & Shine....a tale of two threads.  Soon to be taught as a Thursday night class at The Needle Works in Austin.  The color is called Calypso Orange, the classic is 100% silk with a beautiful sheen, the Merino....all wool...not so shiney but lovely to work with!  The play of light on the thread is perfect!

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  1. That is very cool! I wish I lived near Austin, because I would definitely take the class.


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