Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My holiday...

...was spent at my drawing table.  It was wonderful.  
art by Kimberly Smith/Green Peak Studio
"Knot Garden" painted!
This evening was spent designing the fabric for the 'Swirling Hearts' Biscornu.  Nothing to see just yet.  The stitching is complete...just waiting patiently for moi to get it's backing designed.  

I recently viewed a beaded Circular Jessica....soooo cool...and I think it might be the perfect center for 'Swirling Hearts'!


  1. 84Oh Kimberly, it's beautiful! I so love your designs...and stitching too. This pink piece totally takes my breath away! xo

  2. Good Morning Paulette! I knew it would, it's pink! I designed it for all of you that love pink! Have a fabulous day, k

  3. OOOh that sounds the perfect holiday to me! I have a big birthday coming in a few weeks and i am treating myself to a whole week of so I can just paly & do crafts, I cannot wait. I adore your embroidered piece, the colours are gorgeous!

  4. Thank you Ruthie...I think a 'big' birthday should encompass about a month of time...or even more! Happy Birthday!

  5. Kimberly, thank you. Now thats an idea i love the sound of!! hmmm.


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