Wednesday, November 21, 2012

it's a process....

a loooooong process...however, I am getting a bit quicker.

Recognize any of these early sketches?    Bottom center is the Butterfly beginnings.

Many steps along the way, each one enjoyed.

Love having my desk where I can see outside, second story view into a huge oak.  Makes me feel like I'm in a tree house!

Truly bored with the whole process.
 Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!



  1. Happy Thanksgiving. Hopefully the Bored One will perk up when the turkey is served!

  2. Kimberly i love your sketches, its making me want to go and grab my pencils. Which is good as I have had a real dry period for far too long. Thank you. How fab to feel you are up in a tree house when at your desk. I love to have view too, mine looks out across the fields and hills and every once in a while im treated to a glimpse of deer or a hare.


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