Thursday, December 20, 2012

Decking the halls....

glimpses of a few treasures and some 'finished' stitching.  Always a good thing.  

I designed the 2 sided ornament for Rainbow Gallery several years ago, still a favorite.  The coral & turquoise I painted but never figured out how to put a hanger it gets  'displayed'

The Collection of Designs Santa stand up Mom stitched a good while ago too.  Fun discovering treasures when you get the Christmas boxes down.

My Mom is a huge fan of anything red, white, & blue!
She stitched her stocking and I painted the tassel for her.  I'd forgotten about the tassel.  


  1. Hi Stephanie, love the pictures from the Swan's party!
    Happy Christmas to you

  2. Kim, did you design the stocking? You know how I adore a clever Uncle Sam. Love the Uncle Sam snowman. ;-)

  3. Hi Sarah, stocking is an old Liz design, I'll bet he's still available. It's on 13ct too, quick stitch :-)


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