Friday, February 8, 2013


Very cool, but something I can not talk and create at the same time.  

You can purchase the disk, nylon cord, & plastic bobbins
at your local hobby shop.
The silver end caps I found at my local bead shop.
Once finished, I threaded the loose ends through the cap.
Then I unraveled  & knotted each end.
This takes some practice.  I still continue to find I'm off count & I made the most simple braid listed.  I had to repeat in my head 'left - left, right - right' I wanted to go right - left and vise versa. Tension was tough to keep with the nylon cording but I wanted something super durable as I plan to carry this purse for a long long time!  Oh, and a pro at this mentioned one day...'it stretches'.  So while I was braiding, I pulled.  

In total, it's worth the effort to learn this.  My head is full of many applications for this braid down the road on future projects.  


  1. What cord is that you are using to braid you strap? Do the curly tassels straighten, wear or tangle after you've used your purse for a while?

  2. It's a nylon that I purchased from a hobby store chain. Sadly, I've lost the label info but it comes on the spool as pictured in my post. I chose this for durability and so far so great. The tassel is just the ends of the cord unwound. I did tie a knot at the end of each separate to keep them from fraying further. I've been using my purse daily and it still looks brand new!


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