Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I love my new purse, it's the best ever!

One side is Kelly Clark's beautiful way with paisley.

The other side is me having fun with the same colors.
Don't you just love dots!

I may be set with brushes for awhile.  Painting on needle point mesh trashes a paint brush quickly. These nylon bristle brushes have become my go to.  They arrived in the mail today,
oh happy day!

I don't even remember doing this but it's fun!
Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Kim, dropping by to say hi. Love the bag! You are one clever lady. ~ Sarah

  2. I love the purse combo. The colors are my favorites. Thanks for showing the final process.

  3. loved the colors and combo. It was great to see the wonderful purse. I could definitely like something like that. Thanks.

  4. Kim, The purse is stunning. I love your colors and the design.

  5. OOh I love your bag, the colours & patterns, i can guess you had such fun making it and will get great enjoyment every time you see it too.

  6. Thank you everyone! Ruthie, you're so right, makes me smile. Makes me super happy that it's a usable piece of art! It's perfect, fits wallet, cell phone & keys.
    Have a great weekend! k

  7. OMG that bag is awesome...just beautiful and of a kind for sure.....!How have you been Kimberly...thanks for your likes on my pics..!

  8. Replies
    1. Thank you Paulette! I still love it and think about making another as I enjoyed the stitching of it so much. I carry it everyday!


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