Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Several ducks!  The lakes here are abundant with feathered friends.  My darling daughter took this picture, her caption....

"Mom getting to know the locals."
These quackers were adorable.  We had just parked across the street and before I had one foot out of the car, they were chatting us up, stepping off the curb into traffic!  Luckily people around here know this to be an all to often occurrence.  Traffic stopped, we rushed across and they followed still chatting us up.  I will definitely have something to give them next time.  

After several visits...finally a Mandarin.
Courtesy of Whitney's fine photography capture.  Yay!
These little guys were very camera shy.

A lot of nesting going on, we counted three eggs in this gals nest.  Dad was patrolling closely.

Promise....no more birds for a while.  More finished Biscornu soon!  

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  1. I like seeing the birds! Thanks for sharing this beautiful spot. ~ Sarah


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