Friday, May 31, 2013


It amazes me how quickly time passes.  I set a goal for myself several years ago to not rush through each day.  To not look at the clock continually, to smile 'a lot', to listen and hear all said to me without contemplating my next part in the conversation.  This last probably being the biggest challenge. 

So here I am, tomorrow is already June 1 and I only have one more Biscornu to finish stitching & assemble, paint & write the stitch guide for.  Where did the last six months go?

Below is Lily Pond, its peaceful to me as I think of a real lily pad floating quietly on still waters.  They're all blooming should go take pictures maybe...
'Lily Pond' Biscornu 
six in a series of seven designs
by a Kimberly design©2013
'Lily Pond' quiet bliss
a Kimberly design©2013


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  2. Lily Pond is beautiful, Kim. I love the fresh!

  3. This is gorgeous. Where will we be able to get these?

  4. Very pretty, Kim. I agree, where does the time go. Life seems to be speeding by as I putter along in the slow lane.

  5. Thank you everyone. Marsha, presently they are only available through The Needle Works in Austin, Texas.

  6. Kim, this is just stunning! I am so in love with all of your beautiful creations! xo


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