Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I could easily become obsessed with these flowers!  

My neighbor handed me this beautiful bloom today.  What a treasure, just look at all that color!

Funny story behind this...
a Frangipani Tree.
This spring I attended a Flower Fair held in the park downtown.  In one booth this guy had buckets filled with [my point of view] dead sticks.  Each stick had a blob of paint either yellow, white, or pink.  When questioned he told me that these 'sticks' became the trees that grew the flowers that make the floral leis in Hawaii.  So of course, I had to have one!  Mine looked like a divining rod sticking out of my market bag and I received several strange looks.  Mostly from my Mother.  
When we arrived home, I pulled it out of my bag and shoved it into the birdbath bed with my Pentas.  Still there and blooming it's little heart out.  
I find these Orchids to be so amazing.
These delicate looking flowers bloomed over a month ago!  Last count was around sixteen blooms.  Incredible!
[They'll be a glimpse of the next biscornu for you...hopefully in a post tomorrow.]
  Have a great night all.


  1. I finally have some time to read your past blog entries. I love the sitting spot you have for yourself-you must enjoy working/reading in the pretty pink Adirondack chair!

    1. I certainly do! Life is what you make it :-)


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