Friday, July 26, 2013


Whoa!  It was a cute toadstool yesterday morning, 
today, looks like an alien landing!  
Which reminded me of stitching I need to address.
So the neighbors are thinking....
this woman is a tad quirky....
why is she lying in the yard taking a picture of ??
When you dig, not shrooms, in drawers,
you find cool pieces...

that you need to work on!
Clouds & Sky mini sock
a Kimberly design©
Can't wait to show you what I come up with for this!
Guess that sort of commits me...
Clouds & Sky mini sock
a Kimberly design©


  1. I know it's going to be fun! Everything you stitch is!
    ~ Sarah

  2. I KNOW I'm going to LOVE this!!!...Hey, it's okay if your neighbors think you're quirky. Quirky is more fun! xo That's some mushroom!

    1. I don't blend in very well most often. I did just join a stitching group here that meets Saturday a.m.'s at a downtown coffee shop. Loving that and fitting in as the only needle pointer at a table full of knitters. Thankfully, they don't hold it against me :-)


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