Friday, September 27, 2013


another page turned yesterday....
Buttermilk Falls
Falls, Pennsylvania

Generations of my family enjoyed these falls.  As kids I remember climbing up them, under them, and around them.  My Mom and her sibs did the same before us...what great memories.  Mom took the photo above with her little Brownie camera.  I love the deckled edges of these old photos.  

A few months ago I had the privilege of finally meeting the oldest living member of my family.  George Nichols, aka 'Cousin George'.  He being the taker of many beautiful black and white photos through the years.  We never seemed to live in the same place, so for over fifty years he was just stories and pictures to me.  Then I met him, this silver haired [of course, this is my family I'm talking about] happy go lucky man and his wonderful friend Roberta.  They'd driven all the way to Florida from Illinois to go birding.  Impressive binoculars and camera at the ready.  His silver head was a mass of curls and his eyes sparkled as he regaled us with a story of his enlistment into the service.

As is typical of photographers, I can not find a picture of himself.
Although, he did take the above.
From the left, his Dad, Basil Nichols,
Uncle Cliff Nichols, Aunts Hilda Nichols & Wanda Nichols Peak.
The bows of the Weeping Willow behind them
hold many other memories.  
So today, I am feeling sad as we have lost this amazing person, though ever so grateful for having known him and of having the privilege to have met him as well.

Perseverance pays off.
Living close to family has many benefits.
I.e. boxes of photos to dig through.
George Nichols fondly known around here as
Cousin George.
He will be missed.


  1. It's wonderful to have extended family that you love and who love you. And more than that...wonderful to have loving memories. Blessings to you Kimberly!

  2. What a lovely tribute! I'm glad you finally got to meet him.

  3. I'm so sorry for your loss, Kimberly. But glad you have good memories and some wonderful photos.

    1. Thank you Diana, as I sift through the boxes of photos...I'm finding many more memories. All good.

  4. What a lovely tribute Kim. I'm so very sorry he's gone. I'm glad you have such special memories of Cousin George, and lots of old photos too. xo

  5. I remember Buttermilk Falls. We used to take our kids there in the summer.
    Glad you met up with family. It is so important to get the family stories before they are gone.



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