Wednesday, October 23, 2013

no fun at all...

Dear friend Peggy picked me up at the airport on Thursday...the laughter and good times rolled from that point forward.  Note...not wise to give an IPhone to someone who is extremely good with a 'real camera' but has no idea how to use a point and press.  She pressed and pressed and pressed and 30 or so shots later we had a movie!
Notice how Peggy tried to hold a pose while I totally lost it!
More fun pictures to come from this wonderful workshop in Huntsville, Alabama with the Big Spring ANG chapter.  


  1. How cute these pictures are! Your visit got off to a very fun start! xo

  2. Hi Paulette!
    It did indeed and stayed fun the entire time! I was totally impressed with how much stitching the ladies accomplished in one day too. By the second day we were looking at the middle part of the design having touched on all the stitches in the border! Amazing!

  3. It was a treat to have Kimberly back with us and hamming it up!!!!

    1. Every time I look at these photos I fall into giggles all over again!


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