Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I'm here...

...focused on several projects with posting falling through the cracks.  

I'm stitching like mad, writing guides and of course, there are real life chores to complete always. Holidays are just around the corner and the house is under cleaning quarantine...if there is such a thing. Sure feels like it.  

So, I'm running away to the circus with my cousin!  No worries...I will come back with lots of pictures and more details of my adventure.  

Probably a post in between as I'm not running away just yet.  Life is the adventure you make it!
'Circus Elephant'
a Kimberly design©2013


  1. What a beautiful elephant and that border is so pretty! I hope you had fun at the circus! xo

    1. Hi Paulette,
      Made it to the Ringling home/mansion & museum in Sarasota. What an amazing collection they had. It took us three hours to go through the art museum. I'll post pictures eventually B)


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