Wednesday, December 11, 2013

living in fantasy land...

.....with a mansion in reality!

A few weeks ago, I mentioned running away to the circus.  Well, I did.  I and two accomplices escaped for a full day of adventure making our way to Sarasota to visit John Ringling's home [mansion] and museum.  Wow... not much else to say but WOW!  

Several years ago [like forever ago] I visited before.  The mansion is as I remembered it but the 'Big Top' has changed dramatically. Now there is an entire building housing a miniature circus.  We were told that the display is three ring in size....massive.  If you're ever close by, it's definitely something to see in person.  

On the grounds there is also a museum housing John Ringling's collection of old masters.  This took us three hours to walk through, we were exhausted but so enthralled by it all. To think that one person collected all of this art.  Mind boggling.
aka. House of John
Front view of the mansion.
The terrace in back...just a small patio really with the Gulf of Mexico to launch a boat or two in.
View of the back.
Heading into the 'miniature' Circus.
Of course, there were elephants!
...and horses!
The entire display is glassed.  Wish you could see the copper telephone wires here.
The Midway?  I need to brush up on circus terms.
Did you say clowns? ...but of course.
Another building where they were busy refurbishing.  Not surprising that this beautiful piece caught my eye.
Folding chair in John & Mable's private train car.  Art Deco always catches my eye.
Grounds in the center of the museum.  The furthest point is the front entrance.  Art is housed down both side sections.  We're on a connecting bridge between the two.
My accomplices!  Bruce and cousin Jeffrey, thank you!  Bruce took several [just over 400] pictures.  I quickly wore out my battery, so happy his kept going!
From the entrance...looking back towards the connecting bridge and the Gulf.
Amazing Banyon Trees!  What kind of trees would you expect a circus man to have!?
Farewell for now.

Big reveal this for it !


  1. Some of the photos are very inspiring for needlework. Just looking at them gives me ideas. NIce photos!


  2. I was there a number of years ago. No big top at the time. Did you check out the Dwarf Garden? Or has it been replaced? It was not what I expected.

    1. We did happen upon it on our way out. Statues were in need of TLC. A knot garden it was not :-)

  3. My husband is very proud that his great-uncle did the iron work at the mansion.

    1. Hi Randi, That's very cool, I'd be proud too!


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