Wednesday, January 22, 2014

his nose...

I'm not great at post titles...each time I begin a new post that's the first thing I have to tackle.  Some times it's quite easy...others require me to be creative with words. 

Drawing, stitching, playing with color, this I can do, words can throw me a curve.  Which my mind just stitched in herringbone [the curve, would be cool in herringbone].  See!  

This post is about, the nose, the mustache, the hair, the eyebrows, his lacy face, the cute little squares of felt on his hat. Progress being made so I can effectively write the guide with real photos of the stitching completed.  That's how this one works best.
His nose...beautifully shaded beneath the padded felt I couched to the surface.  I had many stitches in mind for the nose but none were going to bring it forward enough.  I've been wanting to play with felt on canvas and voila!  I cut two circles, one smaller to fit underneath for padding.  Next, I'm going to blush it with 'blush'! This will be accomplished by cutting a hole the size of his nose in a piece of paper.  Then I can apply the blush to make his nose a bit more dimensional with no fear of hurting his lacy face.
For the little squares marching across his hat, I used more felt. Turned out rather fun, even if I did poke my finger a few times using a 'sharp' needle.
Tired of stitching...this one plays with her colored pencils and ideas for another canvas.  This is just a portion of a larger design soon to come to life as a Kimberly design!


  1. Kimberly, this Santa is adorable. I'd love to stitch him!

    1. Hi Sarah! He is available, you can order through The Needle Works. I spent this evening finishing up the brim of his hat. Having fun.
      Thank you!


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