Wednesday, February 5, 2014


 Santa has a he just needs his beard and a spectacular pompom on his hat.
Santa Up Close
a Kimberly design©
Close observation will show that he had a portion of beard...
and that didn't work.  Ripped and waiting for more thread.
Dream Fragment
a Kimberly design©
Watching the snowy weather up North made me really want to paint flowers today.  Beginnings of a new piece.  Thought you might enjoy seeing some of the process.
Pretty happy with this so far.
Dream Fragment
a Kimberly design©
All together now, eight little Biscornu!
Photo by Whitney Hussey©
My daughter took many beautiful pictures during her visit last month.  The above was my request, it was hard to choose which one I loved best!  Now to search out the perfect pottery bowl to display them in.
She also took my new profile picture, she makes me look pretty amazing!  Just a glimpse of parental pride.


  1. Having just received another 8.5 inches of snow, it's great to see flowers! (and more is expected this week-end)


    1. Brrrr, I grew up with snow but I'm choosing to grow 'older' without it :-)
      Adding a happy warm butterfly to the flower tonight. Stay warm!


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