Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

It's not the position in which you stand....
it's the direction in which you look.  
Whether you're up North staring at feet of snow or fearful of stepping out your front door because of the slippery ice, make today special on your own terms.  Be present, Enjoy!
It's a process...converting card art to canvas.
Tada!  I'm on a roll here.
a Kimberly design©
Valentine Collection
a Kimberly design©
[cards are available through Brooke Pottery click here]
Next in the line up is
'Flower Power' far left, then 'Happy Hearts' in the center.
No...I'm really not having any fun.... :-)


  1. These are certainly happy pieces, Kim!
    Happy heart day to you……..Sarah


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