Wednesday, March 5, 2014

happy birthday !
Seven years old today, my constant companion
who supplies daily unconditional love.
Sweet Chance, with a yogurt beard...he loves yogurt!
Plain Greek yogurt, of course.
One more heart design transitioned to canvas, yay!
'Flower Power'
a Kimberly design©
Next up to be painted, another portion of my Dreams piece.  
This one titled 'Dream Glimpse'
a Kimberly design©
His superb version of down dog, perfect alignment.
I've recently returned to taking yoga classes, home practice just isn't enough.  No matter how devoted you are to a home practice, its so nice to be with others in a class once in a while.  So of course, nothing halfway, I've also returned to a tai chi practice, moving meditation, so good to settle my 'messy' mind


  1. Love the sweet dog and Flower Power. That design has Punch!

    1. Thank you Jane, he is the sweetest! Flower Power should be blast to stitch up :-)

  2. Love that Chance! The shop's just not the same, but I know he's happy wherever you are. Give him a scratch for me...

  3. Hi Kathy!
    Thank you, we're both happy but we do miss all of you tremendously.


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