Thursday, July 31, 2014


When planning a trip...
What do you check out first?  The weather, things to do, what should I pack to wear, do I have a travel size shampoo/toothpaste?  Or...are you like me?  What will I take to work on, next would be something to read. The clothes, the weather, the toothpaste can all be dealt with but if I don't have a 'no brainer' piece to stitch and something to read, I'm in trouble.  And as it happens, I just finished my last basketweave piece.

Yesterday I realized this and I fly tomorrow!  Brain is racing and lands on an older idea.  All those biscornu designs I did fabric for...I have all those computer drawn images!  GO PLAY!  What transpired is the first image below.
'Provence Purse'©
The colors will be different as you'll see in the next image below.  Use what you have in your stash when your flying out the next day. Get drawing and get painting! I'm excited!! Bet you couldn't tell that at all?
Fun pile of thread, center panel drawn in, love my colored sharpies. Today I'm painting in between several other 'todo's. Like laundry and packing.
My Son
Another one of my creations!  I've posted many a picture of my beautiful daughter and just a few [haha] of my new grandbaby...but none of my handsome son. He's pretty much forbid me up to this point, not a big fan of social media.  Avery was here to visit recently while on a walk one day I mentioned this lack to him.  He agreed it was a little one sided and gave permissions, hence the picture above. Please let me introduce my son to you all. He's super talented and out of my two, he is the one that enjoys stitching! He draws up his own pieces and off he goes. I'm not saying that he's big on finishing any of them but he has a great time getting started. He's recently finished welding school and just landed a job that he is so far, pretty stoked about. Proud mom I am.  


  1. This piece looks fun! Enjoy playing while you're away. Kudos on having a son who likes to stitch, whether he finishes or not. You've obviously got two great kids!

    1. Thank you Sara! Very blessed to have two amazing kids!


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