Thursday, July 3, 2014


what what what to post this week???  I had a blast celebrating my birthday last weekend.  Finished up my big project before heading out of town and now this week I'm staring at my screen working up the stitch guide for it.  
Of course, YOU CAN'T SEE IT YET!!
Just a peek for you!
Wait until you see the rest!!??!!

My Mom and I visited St. Petersburg, Florida this past weekend.  We toured the Salvador Dali Museum, it was so real. How awesome to be able to see his work up close.  Even the building is cool.
Perfectly positioned, wouldn't you say?
Mom caught photo, gazing at the incredible ceiling.
Odd pose but appropriate to the environment.
What I was gazing upon.
Spiral is a staircase leading up to the galleries.
And then...the next day...we strolled the downtown area of St. Petersburg.  Which happens to include a Dale Chihuly Collection gallery.  I've seen his work before but would never turn down an opportunity to see more!
Chihuly Collection, St Petersburg, Florida

These were very hard to photograph!  The center stamens are actually a beautiful orange color.  Even playing with the image in photoshop didn't get that color pop! 
Still a cool image but not what it was for real.
Chihuly Collection, St Petersburg, Florida
This reminded me of an up coming piece 
I have on the paint table! 
Part of my 'Dreams Trilogy'.
Chihuly Collection, St Petersburg, Florida
Here you can see the orange center much better.
Still a bugger to photograph, for me anyway.


  1. The Dali museum is fantastic! I loved it. I can't wait to see what your design is.

    1. I look forward to sharing it. I'm awful at keeping a gift under wraps, would much rather just 'give' it right away. Sort of the same with keeping a piece a secret until it's totally finished. July 7th is the goal! Will definitely splash it about that day!


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