Wednesday, August 27, 2014

National Dog Day...

 ....who comes up with all these 'national' days? They are fun and tend to break up the week with something different. Whatever, Chance seems to be aware of the fact that he should get extra spoiling today.
'We' are calling this pose 'Downdog Lotus',
hard to meditate with so much cuteness sitting on your lap!
'Blossom' progress this week.
PILES of bullions!
Lots of loopy ribbon flowers too!
Not to mention 'random' Herringbone
on the pink stripes of the trunk.


  1. Sadie thinks she deserves extra spoiling and attention everyday.
    Happy Day to Chance and his mistress.

    1. I try to meditate daily, he's never climbed in my lap before :-)

  2. I just got down on the floor to see if I could still do that with my legs...after all I was once very athletic.. well, I got one leg over the other and fell backwards in the most unladylike position! Let's just say I'm as impressed with your agility as I am with your artwork! ... Chance is such a cute little poochie! xo


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