Friday, September 26, 2014

stitch by stitch...

In between playing with my grandbaby, 
a little stitching on Blossom.
Sometimes a groan comes from my stitching spot. I'm loving the play of the Memory Wire. Love the beaded background of the light green area. Don't ask me what I'm going to do with the big dots yet.  Underneath the coil is a smooth spiderweb that didn't turn out the way my minds eye saw it. The coil is fun but will lose its fun'ness' when I attach it with couching.
I'm also obsessing over the red dots. I've lost track of how much ribbon I've wasted. Right now they are worked in Montano Ribbon Knots. Basically everything I've ever taught anyone about making a French Knot, FORGET.
Many loose wraps,
do not hold the end of the thread taut...
DO NOT pull firmly.
They are to be fluffy, loopy knots.
This tiny dancer will be a companion piece
to my 'Emma's Pillow' design.
This is what I do when stitching frustrates me,
grab my pencils!


  1. I like the coil, but was wondering how that's going to work. French knots are anathema to me. I keep trying to come to terms with them, have had many people tell me how to do them and demonstrate, yet still can only do maybe one in five successfully. I usually come up with an alternative to any knot.

    I love this design. And the pencil sketch is charming!

    1. If you can drop by the shop with the lime green walls while I'm there in November...hope I get a chance to try a French Knot or five with you.

  2. Love the coil, and I am sure it will still be wonderful with the couching

    1. Hi Sheena! I'm going to try it for sure. The wire is a lot of fun to work with. I have always liked worked with metal threads.


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