Monday, December 1, 2014

...broccoli, a brain, really?

a Kimberly design©
I think all of you know my favorite stitch is Basketweave.
I have other favorites too.
I will admit...I see the broccoli correlation albeit very flowery.
Although...who says a brain can't be full of wonderful 
colorful thoughts.
New windows, new view. 
I think it meets with his approval. 
Remodel of the front porch, 
soon to be studio space.
Makes this one very happy.
I've been wanting one of these 
for a very long time.
More on this later.


  1. Hi Kim! I can never visit here without clicking on your photos for a more wonderful view of your awesome artwork! It always makes me feel so happy!...The little poochie looks so cute standing on his hind legs peeking out...and that key with the word "studio" on it means only one thing...that there's going to be room somewhere that's just filled with brightly colored, beautifully stitched Kimberly magic! xo

    1. Thank you Paulette! Your work is so precious, I honored by your compliments :-)
      The key does mean a lot to me. I'm going to have a space that I can truly focus...or one hopes that to happen. It does have a lot of windows :-)

  2. Your designs are so exuberant! I love your Blossom (brain, really?)! The way you create dimension in your stitching is enviable. I need to start on my Camel Flowers canvas.

  3. Thank you Sara Leigh, some pieces just roll out all by themselves. My only trip up on this one was what to do with the background. Then Blackwork popped to mind and voila! Next up are some tiny pieces that will probably not roll so easily.


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