Sunday, March 22, 2015

just peeks...

Painting by day....stitching by evenings...
The walls of 'My Castle',
just the beginnings.
Just peeks!
Happy Spring Flowers
blooming on a new canvas!
Reaching toward bright sunshine!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015


The next Mystery Class by Ruth Schmuff is....drumroll please....
'Emma's Darling Bird'

You just know she is going to have a blast with this one. 
I'm on 'pins and needles' to see what she comes up with!

I imagine sparkle and shine will be happening, at least a little bit!
This new mystery starts in two weeks, click below for info
through Bedecked and Beadazzled

Sunday, March 1, 2015

there's still time... sign up, 
come join us at Chandail's in Houston!
I'm excited to be heading back to Texas to teach 
and I hope you can join us!
[ scroll down to find me ]
Class is scheduled for May 30 & 31.
We'll have a wonderful time exploring color, texture
and definitely a few different ways to work a bullion!
belt design by me!
Finished this a while ago...
just getting around to photographing and posting. 
Santa found this in my finished pile 
and turned it into this beautiful belt for me.
 The Studio....a constant work in progress. 
Feeling a lot closer to the finish than just a week ago.
At some point I hope to fit a small desk in the far corner.
Having the laptop on my drawing table doesn't work.
I am loving this corner.
My poor stitching chair is badly in need
of re upholstering ... someday.
I asked for a ledge to be constructed above
the windows/door around three walls.
 Here I can display finished and not so finished pieces
without making a lot of holes in the walls.
So far it's working perfectly.
I still need to paint the storage bench.
I'm so relieved to be finished with my 'Magic Carpet'.
Now to design a long rectangular cushion
for the center of the bench.
I can see a certain granddaughter perched on there.
If she's not too distracted by all the cool stuff on my desk.