Sunday, June 28, 2015


There are those days when a basketweave piece is
 ah mazing to have in hand. 
I've been drawing, drawing, drawing, cutting up yards of canvas to work up new designs upon.
And then, I bought a new desk ... 
and then of course, 
I had to paint it a bright fun color. 
That part was easy, the terminology 'hand buffed' finish ... holy camoly ... basketweave was about all I could handle after a few hours of that. 
Desk is gorgeous, when it has finished 'curing' and I can load it up, you'll see pictures.
camera strap
I'll be disappointed when I finish this,
it's been fun to work on.
Many fond memories of stitching on
it around the world, so to speak.
This traveled to Germany, Pisa, Florence,
and back to the states over to Houston
and back home again, Whew!


  1. Hi, Kim. It's always fun to see a post from you pop up. It's like a little visit.
    Hope you have a great summer.


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