Thursday, July 9, 2015

desk mess update...

...and happy distractions.
I've been drawing and painting ... a lot!
Can only give you peeks, as I'm plotting and planning.
Sorry ...
Not for stitching, I've just had the itch to draw.
This bird will have tons of color, it's from a photo I've had
in my swipe file for ages. Thought at first he'd be cool
for needlepoint but he's tooooooo detailed.
I also feel there was some creative editing of the photo.
Which is cool but it bothered me
for some odd reason.
Who knows where my head is
all of the time!?
She is a lovely little distraction!
I have a stack of photos that my daughter recently sent
from my trip over for Emma's birthday.
The sketch to the left is from
a black and white photo taken on her birthday.
I haven't sketched like this in ages,
 it felt so great to totally
lose myself for a bit.


  1. Kimberly, it is always a pleasure to 'pop in' and see your creativity! Very inspiring!

  2. I love these! That bird is wonderful!

    1. Thank you Sara Leigh! Hope you're feeling better, summer colds are no fun!

  3. Kimberly, I can see you have two wonderful blessings from God - your beautiful granddaughter and your amazing artistic ability! You are most fortunate!

    1. Oh Mary, I am and ever so grateful every moment.
      I see posts from Stephanie and her beautiful little girl, how special. I miss Thursdays and you three in studio time! You Annie, & Stephanie were a lot of fun to in class.
      Always happy characters!


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