Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Here I am calmly stitching along on my
"basketweave" piece, watching Scrooge.
Can early exposure to Dr. Seuss have influenced
my color muse?
It's almost finished!
I may actually have it ready to use before
the big day! Behind the ornaments are stripes
of tinsel yet to be stitched.
This makes me happy!
This is me avoiding the bead work
on Harrumph's planet and moons.
My son is coming for Christmas and I felt the need to
deck the halls in celebration of his arrival for the holidays!
Mom lined up our fun mod ornaments for hanging.
I've never hung outdoor lights before.
Turns out
"I've Got This"!
Love this color combination!
Definite advantage to living in the South.
We don't need to buy Poinsettias for in the house,
they're in the yard growing!
As soon as I went inside,
the grounds crew came to check
out the new additions.


  1. Awesome on all accounts!! LOVE the way the ornament canvas is turning out....and I can say i saw them when......!!!! Also those mod ornaments along your porch are great. Enjoy the holidays!

    1. Hi Catherine!
      Thank you! You know me, I'm having fun!
      Happy Christmas to you too!

  2. Oh! It's so sweet! I fell in love with this blog!

    Welcome to my blog!


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