Sunday, January 10, 2016

always evolving...

I mentioned on an Instagram post how 
a design sometimes evolves 
past my original thoughts and the notes 
I keep while stitching. 
Below is a prime example of how 
a design finished and set aside for 
several years after publishing, 
can do just that!
This is a charted piece I released in 2003.
Which I bounced off of for my
Magic Carpet
© floor painting....
Which I then decided to turn into a Magic Carpet© cushion!


  1. Oh my! The magic carpet looks so different from the original suburst canvas! And how big is the cushion going to be? You know where it would be perfect!

    1. Hi Catherine! I'm going to offer it on 13ct and 18ct...the smaller would be marvelous as a sofa pillow! Which I plan on writing a guide for...which means it's all under wraps until a bigger reveal down the road. :-)


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