Thursday, February 9, 2017

wanting some magic...

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Canvas with stitch guide by yours truly!
Caps and Curls©
I just knew this piece was going to be magical!
My canvas was full of fairy dust!
Just enough shimmer!
I'd been given a spool of Micro Ice Chenille
sometime ago ... this was the perfect piece
for it to play on.
Thank you Kreinik Mfg.
for all the beautiful threads you provide
me to paint with!
This is an older design of mine,
from my charted work days.
I don't even have a name for it.
Originally stitched all in one color/one thread.
Very lacy looking that way.
I'm spending this afternoon re charting
as I can't find the original file.
The above is worked completely in Soie Perlee!
Thank you to Access Commodities for another
favorite thread of mine!


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