Sunday, October 15, 2017

life is full of wonder ...

October seventh and eighth found me in my hometown
for the opening of my very first solo show!
Many of my pieces,
from original drawings, to paintings, 
'Rendered in Thread'

I was walking on sunshine, literally!

There is nothing like being recognized by
wonderful family & friends that you spent your
crazy youth with!

I love my hometown of Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania.
It's quaint and quirky, fits me perfectly.
It's full of people and places
I treasure.
There is that magic you live
as a teen and rediscover as an adult.

If you are in the area, the show will be open until 
November 4.
Call ahead to make sure 
Michelle is there.  She is certainly
one of the treasures you should not miss.
I'm so grateful we shared
in art classes together as teens
and have come full circle.
Thank you so much for this wonderful place to feature 
[wonder what Mrs. Wilson would think of us now]
Featured here is my painting of
'Knot Garden'
and the stitched Biscornu of the same name.
'Santa Wishes'©
[my Christmas card last season]
'Three Little Bits of String'© 
[colorful combo of my favorite string art stitching]
'Moon Flowers'©
[free form needle art with a little steampunk feel]
'Evolve'© [NFS]
Evolve is an older piece of mine that I call
'my most famous piece', even after many years
I still get requests for the charted guide for this design.
To the right is
Lower left is my newest release
'Marbles One'© [NFS]
above it is 'Coral Suns'©,
center is more fun colorful combos
of my string art.
These three pieces are how a design can evolve in my head.
Upper right is the original line drawing, to the left is the
acrylic painting that shimmers with gold dust :)
To the lower right is the very textural stitched design [NFS], all
'Curly Flower'©.
Drawing and painting, both one of a kind originals are
available for purchase.
Did you know I have a line of greeting cards?
Several of my pieces are also available for purchase as
reproduction giclee's.
original one of a kind fiber art
[see it for reals at the gallery]
'Coral Suns'©
original one of a kind needle art
'Moon Flowers'©
original one of a kind needle art
original one of a kind needle art
'Falling Into Autumn'©
This is the 'make it and take it' design
that I taught during my magical weekend.
We had a class full of laughter.  What a great time.

All of the above are on display
until the show ends November 4. 
Most are available for


  1. This looks wonderful! I wish I could get there to see it in real life.

    1. Thank you Sara Leigh, I think you’d enjoy the adventure. It’s a sweet town.

  2. Such gorgeous color, design and stitching. Your work is always a joy to view.

  3. Fabulous, Kimberly!! Congratulations!

  4. Absolutely stunning. Congratulations on your show.

    1. Thank you Estelle! I put a lot of heart and soul into this show.

  5. Replies
    1. Hi Catherine!! So wish we could have caught up while I was up North. Next time for sure.
      Thank you!


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