Tuesday, May 22, 2018

big stuff ...

For several months ...
I've had to stay quiet about what was going on 
with my stitching.
Not anymore!!
"My Passion"

I've been designing this piece in my head for years,
I think.
There are re invented elements from past pieces,
with new additions ... just because. 
If you have known me in my design life ....
You'll recognize this panel as a new version
from a charted design I released in 1998 called
Mothers' Rocker.
This version is more hip in it's color way with
changes to the background.  The new variety of threads
made for some beautiful transitions to a painted surface.
There was no such thing as Silken Straw back in '98!
Nor was there a color called Oregano from Kreinik!

Sooooo .... if you do indeed remember me from my
beginnings in this industry ... I was a young punk with
so many ideas.  Now I'd like to think I'm a
wee bit wiser and wow, turning 60!
Still a rebel, still living the dream of
doing what I love!

Come help me celebrate with my fabulous
long time friend and distributor
Ruth Schmuff at her magical
BeeHive in Maryland
June 15, 16, and 17!!
Follow the link for all the scoop.

a Kimberly design distributed by Ruth Schmuff of Bedecked and Beadazzled


  1. This is so beautiful! The colors are fantastic. I wish I could join your class in June, but I've already missed too many days at work.

    1. Priorities...like taking a trip to shop for your daughters wedding gown, awesome memories you’re making. Maybe you can pop up for dinner one evening. 😊

  2. So much fun! I promise one of these years I'll come Join in the fun with you and Ruth.

    1. Hi Catherine!
      Would be even more fun with you there 😎 Lots of stitching with abundant amounts of laughter. ❤️


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