Monday, January 12, 2009

Little bit more about me...

So...what I do beyond ArtFire/Etsy shops...I work full time for a needlepoint shop. In a prior life, I was a charted needlepoint artist but retired from the stress of deadlines. They were constant or I should say, I was constantly pressuring myself! Life is a bit more relaxed but being the type person that I am...I still have 'stuff' that I HAVE to do TODAY. Crazy what we do to ourselves. Above is one of my workspaces. I also design painted needlepoint canvases now and then. Recently I taught, through the shop, a couple of small ornaments. They were a huge hit and I'm still filling orders from the class. So when I'm not updating my studio/shop, I'm painting. When I'm not doing that, I'm snuggled up in a chair with my drawing pad and many colored pencils/markers. The latter being my favorite.


  1. Hi. Your blog is looking good. Trust'll tweak it and tweak it and ... tweak it some more. It's addicting. But you're certainly on the right track.

    I sell at Etsy and Art Fire too. Hope the Art Fire thing takes off.

    BTW: Great looking stuff you make and sell.

    Welcome to the blogosphere!

  2. Thanks for the welcome...I will keep doubt...have to make sure I don't obsess! It's the art that will suffer.
    What is your shop name?

  3. Hi Itsy...that's so the man in the house considers my desk to be a disaster area! He's just a little OCD. He likes the surfaces to be empty!


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