Monday, January 26, 2009

Wonderful dreary Monday!

There is a thick fog hanging over Texas today, that is promising some greatly needed rain. Yes! The weather guy was so happy he was giggling.
I'm supposed to be adding color to the dragon above today...instead I started something new, bad of me but the promise of rain and a good movie on a morning off...I couldn't help myself. So I snuggled down into my chair with a cup of tea, sketch pad, an array of pencils and a cherry blossom is blooming on my page.
My darling daughter is to be married to this great guy next spring. The chosen venue has a tree lined road leading up to it...cherry trees. So the theme seems to be heading in this direction...hence my muse for the day. This will not suit my son who's waiting for the color to 'bloom' on his dragon. Trouble is...I've forgotten what color he exactly requested. Stay tuned for an update of this edition.


  1. What a wonderful dragon, he's so imaginative, and I love all the different patterns on his scales! Can't wait to see what you do with the color.

    I hope the cherry trees will be in bloom for your daughters wedding. How romantic! :-)

  2. I love the work you've posted. I can't decide what I like best, the colors you use or the design. Oh--all of it.

    I'm a fiber artist in Leander (north between Leander & Liberty Hill) so it's nice to see someone in my neck of the woods doing something so beautiful. Keep it up!

  3. A cherry tree lined path? How gorgeous that must look in bloom. I have an orchard, I love to take pictures of my trees in bloom, oh and the smell, mmmmmm. I love your sons dragon, needs some reens, yellows tints of purple and a teal... oh wait, that would be my colors.he he

  4. Your work always amazes me. You have a wonderful talent!


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