Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy Dragon...

Ta color...took me long enough. Poor guy was hanging off that precipice looking pretty pale for over a month.
Another happy note, it's raining! We just laid in bed this a.m. watching it cascade off the roof, the sound of it pounding on the rooftop was wonderful. It's stopped for the moment, hopefully it will continue for a few days as we really do need more.
Great way to start off the week, finished piece and rain!
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Avery's Dragon


  1. Beautiful color besides green that seems like everyone paints a dragon with.Love the items that you make.

  2. Thank you! He was a bit of work and picking the colors was tough!

  3. Hi There..Thanks for the comment...I agree with you..I got my wacom over ayear ago but only started using it over the summer..Your work is luscious..!! I love your dragon..amazing work..!! Very nice to meet you..!! Robin

  4. OH! ! ! LOVE THIS GUY, Kimberly ! ! I'll have to show this to Chelsey when she gets home from school to day. She is SSOOOOO into dragons. I think your colors are wonderful and actually I think that all your art is just beautiful. SO IMAGINATIVE ! Thanks for actually putting off my little piece for this dragon. He's worth it. See you all soon. jsmithtex


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