Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tassel Class...

Once upon a time, in a far away place (from Texas) I learned to make tassels. The place was Littleton, Massachusetts...the shop was called The World in Stitches. There were a lot of people that also wanted to learn this talent. So I began teaching. That was in 1990, a few years later after learning so much more than I knew in that first attempt, I wrote an instruction booklet full of all my gained knowledge, A Tassel Workshop Collection©. After self publishing, I taught all across the country from Falls Church, VA to Laguna Beach, CA. I've met so many wonderful stitcher's along the way. Below are pictures of a wonderful group of women in Georgetown, TX who also wanted to learn. They belong to The Embroiderers Guild of America and meet every month to share knowledge of their craft. The group is an extremely talented bunch and as you can see, they have a lot of fun. Even when facing a huge knot in a skein of perle coton! (I'm the silver haired one...with the black sweater!) This was how I spent my Monday night this week, I think we all had a great time.
You can see some of my painted wood tassels in my Etsy shop.
Photos by Corliss Englert


  1. Found your blog because GOOGLE ALERT did it's "thing" and let me know you mentioned us. I love your silver hair, and would you please let the woman in the SW motif sweater with all the "Randi colors" know that she can leave me that sweater in her will! Sounds like you are very happy, and we miss you lots!!! It's very cold today, so be glad you are in TX.
    Hugs from Randi at TWIS

  2. Hey Randi! That is so cool...didn't know Google did that. I am very happy, life is great. I miss all of you too. You remember that first tassel class...I was seven months pregnant! He's now 17!! I'll tell Barb you are coveting her sweater from afar! Hugs back! Kimberly

  3. Wow That is great! I love tassels. What would the world be like with no tassels? I shudder to think...

  4. Marilyn is back - I wish we had dropped in on that to watch! You do such good work.

  5. Kimberly.

    Would that you were back in Massachusetts! I would love to learn how to make tassels. Is your book still available for purchase?

    Thank you.

  6. Hi Nancy,
    Yes, still available, contact me. My computer is down for a bit...sitting in a library right now. Never had to do this before! Hopefully the all powerful 'they' get me a new router by tomorrow! Talk to you soon, k


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