Sunday, March 1, 2009

ArtFire Stimulus Package...

I was in the forums on ArtFire when I read about this great idea to try to stimulate the economy via our little community. I say 'little' but it is an ever increasing one. I'm not sure at this point just how many artists are participating. You can do a search for them by typing AFSP in the search window. Have some fun, go check out what's up for sale for some incredible prices. You never know what you might find! Above is my offering, four art cards for less than the price of one regularly priced card.
Use the Rapid Cart to purchase, no sign up necessary! ...or link below.
AFSP Limited Edition Art Card collection


  1. Hi There..Hey, I just nominated you for a Lemonade Blog's just to say thanks for your really don't have to post it if you do not wish...but visit my blog to check it out..Robin

  2. Hi Kimberly - I didn't know about this, thanks for bringing it to our attention!

    Can I suggest something? I clicked on your photo of the cards, hoping it would take me to the listing on Art Fire - maybe put a link somewhere in this post to your listing!

  3. Thanks Christy....Great idea, hadn't thought of that as you can link on the side through my ArtFire or Etsy windows. The things we take for granted.

  4. They are mine now ladies :)
    These lovelies will be arriving in Europe soon and will be proudly presented in a frame. I'm creating a mini-museum wall ..and one of these will be on my wall ...I wonder which one I'll end up choosing ?
    What's your favorite ?


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