Thursday, March 5, 2009

...a sheepy morning to you

Good Morning....another day in paradise. I can dream, can't I?! I'm thinking a beach, waves splashing on the sand....a good book. Of course, I'm just as happy to be off and running. I'll be delivering son and cake he baked for German class to school, then off to work.
I write stitch guides for hand painted needlepoint canvases...we are switching from hand written to computerized. Yesterday my eyes were crossed by the end of the day. I'm a Mac user, shop has all PC''s a whole different ballgame. Same program but nothing is where it is on mine at home! So this oldish dog, is learning some new tricks. Patience is indeed a virtue! Hope all of you have a great day in paradise too.
(Sheep is available in both ArtFire/Etsy as an ACEO, click in side windows to visit both)


  1. the sheep is so cute! I love your work.

  2. Yes, the sheep is very cute.
    Have a great day in paradise! :-)

  3. Hope you enjoyed your day! :) Great work, I love it Sarah x

  4. Oh I love this.
    Sheeps are favorites of mine!
    Very cute and adorable.
    I can nearly hear it bleeting!

  5. love your sheep! and the new banner. Give me a mac any day, i had to learn pc for my job also & completely different design software. But hey i figured, im not too old to learn either lol ;-)

  6. PC is getting easier, boss ordered me a wacom tablet to use, can't wait. Running my finger over the little mouse pad is riot. I've had one at home for years, spoiled!

  7. Heehee that is darling!!! Sarah


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