Tuesday, March 31, 2009

some feedback...

....I'm curious. The above is called "Peggy"....truly a doodle turned into art. I may have been sitting on the bus actually...can't remember for sure. Started with pencil, then pen and ink, then my magic colored pencils. I named it Peggy for a friend whom the colors reminded me of. What I'm curious about is it's popularity...she is consistently at the top of the hit list in my studio. I know why I like it but would love to hear others opinions.


  1. Hi Kimberly,

    I like Peggy because of the colors and I like how the design evolves. It starts out kind of precise (not sure that is a good word to use to describe it or not) and ends up being more "flowing"...swirly. I really like the bright red and the blues. It's a nice drawing. But I'm not really objective. I love all your stuff! :)

  2. Thanks Laura! You're sweet, I appreciate the feedback. Have a great day! Kimberly

  3. It's really pretty, but speaking for myself, I tend to be drawn to warmer colors - yellows and oranges, etc... so I would click on "Heartful" and "Blossom" before "Peggy." I guess I'm not much help, lol.

  4. i think it is the colour combination & the flowing design, so easy on the eye - beautiful

  5. I always think you first choice is your best choice...stay with Peggy.
    But if you want to add "sue" to the mix..."peggy sue" works for me since these are my colors too.

  6. Hi Kathleen, Ruthie and Sue...Thanks for the comments...KC Heartful seems to be my favorite too...Peggy makes me happy as well, that's why I like it ... of course, I pretty much like them all while I'm working on them...you're only as good as your next piece....a very wise friend said to me once upon a time...
    Sue...do I know you from the needlepoint world? I use to be Kimberly Crum....the teapot you like is a needlepoint piece through Rainbow Gallery, it's called Poppies.
    Everyone have a great day!


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