Saturday, December 19, 2009

...blogging is just so full of great stuff to do that blogging goes by the way side.  My brother mentioned to me on the phone this evening that I've been absent.
I made him laugh when I told him that upon over hearing a conversation this week about grocery shopping for a big dinner... I was suddenly very aware of the fact that they were not talking about Thanksgiving but Christmas!!  For heavens sake, when was turkey day?? 
I'm not totally out of touch, I do have our little tree up and Brad has been joyfully adding to our little train layout.  Last night he worked for hours adding more color to the rocky landscape and glistening snow.  Tonight a trestle.  I'm hoping to film it and put it up here for all to see. 
Soon you'll get a peek at the newest Christmas art...but first I have to mail it out to family. 
For now, enjoy my silly reindeer.  Happy Christmas!


  1. Hi There Kimberly..Long time no see..I guess we're both up way past a decent hubby is out plowing snow and my house is clean and Im just staying up late to have some blogging fun..How have you been..?? Talk to you soon..!!

  2. Hi Kim, yes I cannot believe that it's only a few days away from Christmas as well. It's almost scary when I think at how quickly December flew by!

    Merry Christmas! :)

  3. Hi Robin & Sophia...
    Robin, I don't miss shoveling snow...the quiet in the night, the sparkle from the moon...but not the shoveling...or in MA where I had to pay a plow to do our looooong drive, sometimes 2x's a week! Don't miss that at gets cold here in TX but no snow, just some ice maybe once a winter season. Thankfully everything closes down and you take a day off.
    Resting here after a nice morning of opening gifts with my daughter and new SIL! Then a great ham dinner, still pumpkin pie to eat over a board game later on. Great day...wish we could have them more often.

  4. Hi Kimberly! I love your adorable reindeer! Your artwork is just lovely. Thank you for your visit today. I've been so caught up in the holidays myself, it seems like it was just Halloween last week, and here we are with Christmas upon us! Have a very happy Christmas Sweetie...I'd love to see your trains! (my hubby drives them) Hugs, Paulette ;)

  5. Kimberly, I can so relate to the time just disappearing. Can't believe that Christmas has been here! LOL
    Send me an email. Would love to have you come by during your break if you have time. ~ Sarah


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