Sunday, February 7, 2010's almost here again

I actually dislike Valentine's should be more spontaneous...not so planned out for us.  This said...I did enjoy working up several designs for cards last year...which are still available in my ArtFire Studio to be given at anytime of the year!


  1. Wow these look bold and vibrant know thats my fav...Ill go check out your artfire..havent been over there in ages..and I even have some stuff in there..!

  2. Hi Robin...Haven't seen you around as much. Hope all is well. Yes, these hearts are bold, the farthest to the right I liked so much, still my avatar.
    Good luck with the original trees in your ArtFire. Wish I'd sell some stuff soon too!

  3. Thank you Fabi, I love the footed boxes are your webpage! Amazing work, thank you for stopping by, Kimberly

  4. These are beautiful!!! So lovely!

  5. Thanks Linda...I'm finishing up a new piece...painting some canvas, listing stash on ebay....never a dull life mantra. Thanks for popping by, Kimberly


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