Monday, February 27, 2012

step by step...

I'm often asked how these pieces of mine come about.  So, here we go, this is the beginning of a new sock!  Pictured here are the beginnings, a line drawing on a painted surface of green.
A bit hard to see here but all will become clear and much more colorful in future blogs.  Below is a portion of my new best friends's a little of this...a little of that...if you'd like to learn more??  There are plans being made for moi to teach this sock to you in September at The Needle Works here in Austin.  Of course, yours can have your best friends name or your own.  There is a lot of room for personalization in this design.  


  1. I still love the sock I made in Huntsville AL when you taught the class at Patches and Stitches about a thousand years ago. I must say, I can honestly say that was my absolute favorite piece of needlework EVER....not only was it my favorite to actually stitch on but it's still my favorite piece of finished work! And getting to meet you was a bonus! Thanks!

  2. I still have mine...actually I stitched one for my daughter too. That was ages ago, good memories. The design was from Lois Caron, not one of my own.


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