Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fini !

The Mardi Gras Biscornu all dressed up and ready to go!  In my last update I'd mentioned ordering the fabric...I was concerned as to how the colors would print.  Seems I had nothing to worry over as it is pretty perfect.

I'm busily working on the next addition to this series, the 'Knot Garden'.  I'll post some snaps of it soon.


  1. It is very elegant and your fabric choice is a winner!

  2. Hi Randi!
    So nice to hear from you, thanks for 'stopping by'. I'm designing the fabric for each of these little beauties! Glad you love it. It's been a fun adventure.

  3. Oh my goodness, is this ever stunning! Truly a treasure...and I just love your choice of colors and your stitching is so darn gorgeous! xo Paulette

  4. This is gorgeous, Kimberly. Thanks for stopping by my Nantucket post. Nice to have you visit. You'll need to find your basket. ;-)

  5. Thank you Paulette & Sarah for the wonderful encouragement!
    I've been stitching all weekend...time for a break with some yoga! Have a great week, k


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