Monday, August 6, 2012

another life time ago....

...I was an illustrator.  My daughter wants me to 'do more of these', she grew up to be an interior designer, amazing child of mine.  My son will soon be certified to weld the world together.  His dream to design swords...on the side of course, as he tells me ... ' know I have to have a 'real' job'. Smart kids...grown kids.  Both amaze me and make my heart smile.  I can't believe how the time has flown.

I didn't have children when I drew these ... it really was a life time ago.  When I look at these my head spins.  The only work I could find back then was freelance for small boutiques...I drove my rusty little yellow VW bug all over Pittsburgh.  Of course, gas was ... well, lets not go there.

Anyway, just thought I'd share a few 'gems' with you.  More soon on my current project, Swirling Hearts Biscornu.  I'm playing with the border!

Oh my gosh...I forgot to mention the caricature of moi....this was rendered by my college roommate, Lori Maxwell.  It was always an adventure hanging around with cartoonists.  Lori and I are still great friends.  I will post a link to her website on the left.  The year was 1977, I lived in my Dr. Scholl's, jeans and adored that striped sweater...and yes, my hair was HUGE, very curly and very dark!


  1. Oh Kimberly, I know "what gas was"!! I graduated high school in 1977, and I drove a little brown Pinto. Yep, it does seem like a lifetime ago....Hey, I really love your drawings. They're beautiful! Love that little charicature too! ... Can't wait to see your Swirling Hearts Biscornu. I know it's going to be stunning! :)

  2. Thanks Paulette! Spent this evening drawing...stills my mind for awhile.

  3. Ironically I lived in Pittsburgh starting in Sep 1977 til April 1980 when I headed east.
    My first real return was in 2009 when teaching at the EGA seminar. Wow what changes. COuldn't even find my old place.


  4. Hi Jackie, I was still there at that time as well. steady job was for a yarn shop in the Jenkins Arcade downtown! Kitten's Knit Shop, I learned so much there. Sadly they knocked it down and the Hillman's rebuilt a shiny new building that was also supposed to be an indoor mall/arcade. I was in it once...just felt weird. What was ironic was that Elsie Hillman was a customer of the shops.


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