Sunday, August 19, 2012

button button ...

Stitch Lab had the buttons!  Yeah!  Emily and Niku were wonderful to help me dig through the yellow button jar.  There was a bit of giggling, quietly as a class was going on in the next room.  I came home with the buttons and a pile of wonderful colored wool/rayon felt to play with [someday].


  1. Kimberly, I've been catching up on your posts this morning. I like this new series, the Knot Garden. Are these ornaments?
    You are so very talented. Loved seeing your fashion work. You should do more of these. ;-)
    Hope to see you soon........Sarah

  2. Hi Sarah,
    The way we're presenting the Biscornu series is in an 'as you want it' way. I put a beaded loop on one corner for hanging. I plan to display my set in an artsy pottery bowl all together. Make a splash of color with them.

  3. It's so great that you found more of those perfect little buttons... I can only imagine the wonderful things you'll do with felt! :)

  4. Actually, Paulette, I was thinking of you when I bought the felt. I may try to applique it to a needlepoint design. Had to smile when I read your post about loving pink...I did get one square of pink but the rest are pretty deep...I'll post a picture at some point. Let you see what other trouble I get myself into.


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