Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Piles of wool felt...unfinished hand painted tassel tops...line drawings turned into super fun canvases...and finished Peace canvas computer bag.
Not all mischief...have no earthly idea what I'll do with the felt but there are stray thoughts here and there.  

The "Down Dog" canvas is hand painted by Karen Grant, my cartoon of Chance, her paisley rendition!  I love it, she made my day when she brought that in to me.  You may see more of these collaborations in the future.
The real thing, Chance!

 Friend, Barbara Garrana, did a fabulous job on my Peace sign computer bag, it's being put to use daily!  Can never have too many bags in this industry!  Barb was recently featured in Needlepoint Now for her clever sewing abilities.  'Bags by Barb' are popping up all over the place!


  1. Hi Kim, I love that pretty, paisley poochie! You and Karen make a good team. Great Peace sign...great bag! :)

  2. Hi Paulette, you're sweet. I sent my mom over to your blog, she couldn't say enough about all the detail in your pieces, Loved them all!


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