Monday, September 24, 2012

the stuff in my head....

when there is time enough, that stuff comes out onto the canvas. Then sometimes...there needs to be a request to get the wheels moving in another direction.  

While I'm having a blast painting/creating/stitching/finishing the biscornus for the club starting oh so soon...a break is sometimes needed. [designing fabric for Swirling Hearts today]

The sweet lady that cuts my hair...a Needle Works customer...has been stitching up a storm to make ornaments/mini socks for a tree that is 'just for me'...her tree started out small but has now become a taller tree and needed a tree top angel to fit.  I told her to let me see what I could come up with.  Below is Angie Angel.  

What's in a name...I grew up with a crazy metal art angel on the top of our tree...her name was Angie. I think Mom acquired her while we were living in France.  I have a box in the attic of French metal/glass ornaments...all beautiful but all in pretty sad shape.  Maybe some of them can be given a new life on canvas as well.  Hmmmm....

'Angie Angel' 

While out yesterday picking up a new stash of Chai Tea at The Steeping Room here in Austin.  I just had to wander through Anthropologie as well.  I love that place...color overload for me and I love the sale room.  Recently dropped my favorite fruit bowl in the sink....went to pieces.  Would have cost me four times what this cute shallow cup with handle for holding on dearly cost.  Love crackled glazes.  A new notebook...I write down little bits I see along the way that click with my space.  And of course, absolutely needed a couple new cloth anyone else like me...they have to be totally shot before I toss them out.  

Lastly....but foremost in my head...progress on the 'Paisley Biscornu'!  Actually have more accomplished but not photographed yet.  Will post again when I have the fabric for 'Swirling Hearts' finished. 

Paisley Biscornu'


  1. Thanks Stephanie! Tempting? I see you are making great progress on your stash of canvas.

  2. Hi Kim! Angie Angel is beautiful, and so is your paisley biscornu! I just love the colors you use...and everything you do! Can you believe I've never been in an Anthropologie store. I know, what sort of a rock am I living under!!!
    xo :)


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